How to Reduce Paper

How to Reduce Paper

Please note: One call to Kristy and she can help you go paperless!


Tired of receiving paper documents? You can receive your LPL Monthly Statements, Trade Confirmations, Quarterly Performance Reports and some Prospectuses via electronic delivery! These settings can be changed in your Account View Access by clicking on the “paperless settings” section of the Documents & Statements Tab.

After checking the box for paperless in Account View, Broadridge will send an email or letter with instructions on how to complete the process. That communication from Broadridge requests that you log into to complete the process of turning off prospectus and shareholder mailings from fund companies.

Separate from Account View, you may elect to receive electronic copies of eligible proxies, semi-annual and annual statements sent directly from investment companies. The instructions are below:

On your hard copy of the proxies, semi-annual and annual statements, you will be provided with an enrollment number starting with the letter “F.” You will submit the enrollment numbers to the following site:

Once you are logged in, you will also receive an email confirmation that your paperless settings have been updated.

Should you make changes to your Account View or Shareholder Delivery settings, you will then begin receiving email confirmations that the items listed above are available for online viewing.

*Please note: The content listed above is legally required to be sent to clientele. While some items are eligible for electronic delivery, some shareholders have not yet introduced electronic delivery to their system. In addition, you may not be eligible for electronic delivery if you do not have a valid email address. Please give our office a call should you have questions or need assistance with changes to your settings.

If you are interested in reducing some of the paper you receive on accounts held outside of LPL, please call Kristy for further details.