Third-Quarter GDP Preview

Investors’ first look at third-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) will be released on Friday, October 26. Based on the economic data and projections we’ve seen, the economy grew at a moderate to strong pace in the third quarter, with the Bloomberg-surveyed economists’ consensus at 3.4%. The benefits of fiscal stimulus, continued consumer strength, and improved business spending have powered the U.S. economy this year, and we’ll likely see largely the same general story for the third quarter, although business spending may be somewhat less robust. Both trade and extreme weather in parts of the country are expected
to have an impact on the number, increasing the likelihood of a surprise, with our bias to the upside. While we may not again achieve the near 5% growth seen in the second and third quarters of 2015, we think the expansion is durable at least into 2019—and possibly beyond—as the growing impact of deficit-financed stimulus and deregulation outpace headwinds from trade, slower global growth, and Federal Reserve (Fed) tightening.

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