The Lakeview Way

At Lakeview Wealth Management, we want to be your financial partner and advocate, guiding you through the journey of life’s big decisions. 

We take a comfortable, streamlined approach to wealth management and use a structured, well-tested process to help our clients get a clear sense of both their short and long term goals and how to work towards them. 

Our responsive and reassuring team partners with you and enjoys sharing in your accomplishments. “It’s about building a relationship with you.  We want you to be completely at ease with us.” ~ Judy VanArsdale

The Lakeview Way:

We listen to your story.  Where you have been and where you are headed.  What do you value?  What are your goals?  What is your lakeview?  This is the key starting place to truly serve your needs.

We create a strategy and plan based on your lakeview.  In understanding the personalized plan that we have created with you, we will implement the strategies so you can live the best version of life.

We monitor and meet regularly to keep up with changes in your story.  We fully understand life changes and so do your needs.  We keep on top of market changes so your strategy continues to be maximized.  Review times are based on your schedule and needs.

We communicate every step of the way. You tell us how you prefer to communicate – email, phone, mailing or face to face.  Expect us to give you unparalleled service. You are totally worth it!

Our Services

Portfolio Management:  We create personalized portfolios that fit your situation, goals and risk tolerance.  Investment planning is consistently monitored and rebalanced.

Retirement Planning:  We review your retirement objectives, analyze the various options, estimate current and future cash flows, consider social security and pension benefits to develop a distribution plan that reflects your personal needs and maximizes potential outcome.

Education Planning:  We meet to understand your education goals.  That allows us the ability to then analyze funding options and tax incentives in order to create a plan that fits your needs.

Estate Planning:  We work to understand what and who is important to you.  We are here to make sure your wishes are followed through the meticulous details of asset titling, beneficiary designations, and charitable giving.

Insurance Strategies: We assess your protection needs, and review current coverages.  Sometimes the topic can be easily overlooked, but truly important when determining the big picture.